Lead paint, the evil twin, bows to its good twin

Paint’s evil twin meets modern good twin

Clear coating over waterbased roofing material
On left, modern good twin coating over water-based acrylic

 Lead paint:  evil twin

There is a point of view that lead paints were “bad”….and they are, if ingested into a child’s digestive or breathing systems.  But…..because of the lead ingredient, many wood and metal historical pieces have been preserved.  In spite of this contribution to our heritage, the lead paints have been banned since 1978.
Now an alter ego to the evil twin (lead paints) is making is debut.

The good twin

The good twin coating is available with these advantages:
  1. Like lead paint, the good twin lasts longer than popular water-based coatings
  2. Like lead paint, the good twin maintains its color longer than popular water-based coatings
  3. Unlike lead paint, the good twin does not emit an odor when applied
  4. Unlike lead paint, the good twin is clear, perfect for protecting water-based coatings.

If you own a rusty, dull-looking, flaking metal roof, contact us about this innovation in preserving your old metal roof.  There is a fifteen year manufacturer’s warranty available.

applied by Roof Menders, Inc, of Conshohocken, PA
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