Tin shingles: should you replace?

Cortright metal tile shingles

If your antique tin shingles look like this……

Rust and flaking of maintenance work over past 120 years
Cortright metal tile shingle with flaking and rust

Probably your underside of these same shingles, sitting on slats, look like this……

Original color of shingles
Underside of same shingles still rust-free and original color
The old tin shingles were dipped in a finish, thereby covering both sides.  On the top side, rain, sunlight, snow and ice wear away the finish.  In this instance, a paint without the proper elasticity was used.
The underside, protected from outside influences, still retains it original appearance.  These shingles are excellent candidates for preservation with coating applications that approach the life-expectancy of the old lead paints.
applied by Roof Menders, Inc, of Conshohocken, PA
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