Coating old roofs at Liston Range Front Lighthouse

Pictured on this page is one of the remaining nine lighthouses from the period of history that boasted 26 structures, such as this one. Our business of coating old roofs does lead to unusual locales.

Liston Range Front Lighthouse on the Delaware Bay Here we performed a fully reinforced restoration project using Preservation Products acrylic on this Delaware landmark. As in all our projects, the roof was cleaned, then primed. Four layers of acrylic were applied with mesh placed between the first and second layer.

Here, located on top of this Victorian residence stands the original light that aided ships navigating through the shipping channels of the Delaware River.

Today, on the front lawn, a modern skeletal light has replaced this original beacon. Still in use, the station is a private residence; the Coast Guard maintains the light.

Of trivia interest is that the Liston Range Front light guides ships for the longest distance compared to any other lighthouse.

The photos below illustrate the condition of the panels, the view of the surrounding countryside, the scenic photo of the nearby village and the new light presently employed to direct ships.

2005 Update: Since this web page was posted, two former children from the nearby village shown in the photos have contacted me. Both had memories of sneaking down the beach to look over the wall at the lighthouse. If you take the time to view the old photo of the lighthouse in its early days (located in the historical links below), these excursions took some courage as well as distracted parents.

2007 Update: The care of this rare lighthouse is now in the keeping of a former resident of the nearby village. He always wanted to live there.

For those visitors who want to explore, check this page devoted to history of this lighthouse or Delaware River & Bay Lighthouse Foundation.

It is rare to see a photo of an older structure, but a review of these links reveals such a gem of a photograph.

For me, the opportunity to work on this Victorian residence wth a watchtower, located in a picturesque locale, was a true privilege. The owner that contracted us is the grandson of the last lightkeeper and the interesting story of both men is detailed in the two previous links.