New Jersey

New Jersey tin roofing projects range from the truly historic sites to charming village settings to the grandeur of our Nation’s first seaside resort, Cape May located on the southern point of this state. For anyone who wants to experiment with color schemes for your home, this town is worth a visit.

Our first project in Cape May added rich memories for my crew chief and my mother:

My southern crew chief Lester had traveled widely during his 20 plus year career, but never to a site like Cape May. First, instead of driving to the cape, he took the ferry, a logical route due to his family’s location in North Carolina. On the first crossing, all crew members hung over the railing taking in their first open water experience. By the third trip, they were snoozing in the truck. Second, access to the roof was through a window of a room–a room with an ocean view. The owner of the inn suggested that Lester take over the room. This project became one of Lester’s favorite projects.

Mother arrived at the Philly airport one morning. She was okay with the plan to visit the tin roofing work-in-progress. As this contractor reviewed the latest news on the project, my maternal octogenarian disappeared down one of the picturesque streets. Since that first visit, she has revisited this seaside gem five times.

Most recently, the Wanamaker legacy called “Seaside Home” employed us to preserve their roof. As background, the Victorian-age Mrs. Wanamaker wanted to establish a “hotel” for widows and orphans. Today, a non-denominational board runs the hotel.