Tin Roofing: Did you know….

  • Tin Metal style panel roofing became popular replacing the wood shake style.
  • The reasons were the durability, ease of care and low cost. Plus easy maintenance and less vulnerable to fire.
  • Building owners of this traditional roofing style usually can preserve them for the next generation.

This website is for those few individuals who want to know more about antique tin roofing–their history, their advantages and, most importantly, preservation suggestions. Reasonable pricing, custom colors, and modern product materials are available to suit your antique tin roofing needs.

Save our Heritage

The service of protecting old metal roofs involves coatings, such as elastomeric, mesh and application systems over a building’s roof. We consider our crew a pro in adding life to panels with seams and resolving any leak concerns for a long period of time. By restoring an antique metal roof, either historic or commercial, a costly tearoff and replacement is avoided.