Tin roof repair: Nine years later in Honaker, VA.

Tin roof repair project in scenic Honaker, VA, after nine years
Tin roof repair homestead nine years later

Tin roof repair:  Nine years later

Tin roof repairs applied nine years earlier illustrate three important details in this restoration field. Before describing those three items, a word should be made ascribing credit to the owners of this homestead. The couple lovingly restored the interior and exterior of this family home. One of their objectives was a desire to save the old shingles.

Roof edging

Tin roof repair of roof edges improved the appearance of the structure and protected edges from rusting
Bottom and peaked edges repaired
The bottom row of shingles showed the warping associated with age. One side in particular bothered the owner; the other side appeared satisfactory. We discussed that if a lip, or edging, was installed on offending line of shingles, the other side (that now looked fine) would suddenly seem more uneven. Wisely the owners elected to add trim on the lower shingles as well as the peaked roof.

Green acrylic coating

Tin roof repair with green acrylic has aged in appearance
Shutters represent original application color nine years earlier

Green tint in water-based acrylic tends to chalk over a period of time. At the time of the project’s work, the color of the roof matched the tint on the shutters. This chalking action tends to look like fading. It is not. If you scratch the acrylic, the original vibrant green surfaces.

The acrylic does not loose its principal purpose, which is to protect the primer, thereby sealing the rust.

Fully reinforced system prevents leaks  

Tin roof repair expanded to fully reinforced system after removing rolled plies
Fully reinforced system over tin shingles
On the back side, the shingles were covered with rolled roofing. The rolled roofing was removed; the crew installed a fully reinforced system of acrylic and mesh. The imperial design is still visible even though there is twice as much material on the shingles compared to the other surface areas.

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