Restoration Green tin shingle roof

Tin shingle roof using Restoration Green coating

Chevy Chase project recoated with updated traditional green coating
View of Restoration Green coating applied 2015
Tin shingle project in Washington DC area was recoated after more than a decade with green acrylic.  The acrylic had protected the shingles for the acrylic’s lifespan.  Now this modern coating will last 10 years with 70% of its sheen still in place.  No need to recoat for at least fifteen years.

Lead paint, the evil twin, bows to its good twin

Paint’s evil twin meets modern good twin On left, modern good twin coating over water-based acrylic  Lead paint:  evil twin There is a point of view that lead paints were “bad”….and they are, if ingested into a child’s digestive or … Continue reading