Red shingles embossed: The lady speaks!

Red shingles embossed: The lady makes a statement

Photo of home after Roof Menders applied restoration green acrylic in 2004
In 2004, this photo captures our work of coating the shinges in traditional green

Nine years ago in Huntingtown, MD, we coated this embossed tin shingle roof with green acrylic.  At the time, the tint choice appeared to be related to “tradition.”   As on all green acrylic applications, the roof began to chalk several years ago.

Expecting a request to  recoat with the same Restoration Green tint, updated to Wearcoat, (an application that would not chalk)….I was in for a surprise.

Color change

2013 change to the stamped tin shingles to Jones red tint
2013 recoating in Jones Red tinted Wearcoat

As we age, we develop different aspirations.  In this case, the owner announced, “I want to make a statement on my street!” She asked for demo cards of several bright red colors.

On a demo card, the Jones Red tint is quite dramatic.  Normally, the color might be thought too “loud”.

Her roof is surrounded by framing trees on a large lot.  An imposing white siding dominates the structure’s visual impact.   The roof frames the structure with the large lot and trees providing a backdrop.  The Jones red shingle embossed roof works beautifully.

For more photos go to the Jones red shingles embossed roof webpage

applied by Roof Menders, Inc, of Conshohocken, PA
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