Lead paint, the evil twin, bows to its good twin

Paint’s evil twin meets modern good twin On left, modern good twin coating over water-based acrylic  Lead paint:  evil twin There is a point of view that lead paints were “bad”….and they are, if ingested into a child’s digestive or … Continue reading

Tin shingles: should you replace?

Cortright metal tile shingles If your antique tin shingles look like this…… Cortright metal tile shingle with flaking and rust Probably your underside of these same shingles, sitting on slats, look like this…… Underside of same shingles still rust-free and … Continue reading

Berridge shingles versus old style embossed roofing

Berridge shingles: truly traditional copies??? Berridge shingles from Texas appear to be the most appropriate choice of new metal shingles that I have seen….BUT….there are FOUR visual differences between the modern version compared to the old style antique shingles. Actually … Continue reading