Berridge and vintage shingles: Morganton, NC, project

Owner restored existing tin shingles; added new version to lower kitchen roof
Upper-traditional tin shingles; lower-modern metal shingles
Berridge shingles
Modern metal shingle coated to match
Embossed tin shingles coated with custom color
Traditional tin shingles coated

In Morganton, North Carolina, the owner has successfully incorporated modern version of a traditionally designed tin shingle found on the upper level.

The old tin shingles were coated with a custom colored application that retards rust and adds a luster to the traditional roofing.

The Berridge shingles over the kitchen received the same coating application in order to blend the various roofs on the North Carolina historic home.

There are some differences between old and new shingles themselves.  four differences, in fact, but not detectable to the casual onlooker.

There photos illustrate the finished appearance of the old and new:

Please pardon the quality of the photos–one roof was in the shade when I was there.

Just a minor note: the ridge cover over the traditional tin shingles is a Berridge ridge cap. It works just fine.

applied by Roof Menders, Inc, of Conshohocken, PA
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