For reinforced restoration project: See extensive tin roofing restoration project. Approximately $10.50/square foot, or half the cost of a new metal roof.

For tin roof “painting” (see A painting project) Approximately $6.50 sq ft, or same as asphalt shingles installed directly over the metal panels

Is your roof a candidate for restoration?

If you can stand on it, the tin roofing can be saved. Even if old tar, asphalt and paint cover the roof, your metal panels can be preserved. Click Here for reasons to keep the old tin roof.

Are you looking for a contractor?

If you are seeking an experienced company to offer an estimate to preserve your existing roof, one of us would be delighted to visit your residence, discuss the alternatives available and, if requested, submit a quote for restoring your tin roofs. No subs, all work done by talented crew chief and son.

How do you restore your tin roofing?

With the technological evolution of coating formulations, the material is now that now challenge lead paint for performance and appearance. Ten, fifteen and twenty year manufacture product warranties are available.

If you elect a reinforced restoration system, you will receive a ten year warranty against leakage.

What can affect the pricing?

Size of project, amount of prep work and repairs, slant of the roof, setup arrangements. If the work area is too small for a per square foot pricing, then materials and manpower are calculated, and 30% added for pricing guidelines.

What colors are available?

There are 8 popular tints for tin roofing, but if you have a special color in mind, we can usually match it.

Do you work on tin shingles?

Yes. See my website on embossed tin shingles.

What if the roof is copper?

There is liquid copper, applied the same as above. Click Here for an example.