Grey metal shingles in Stuart, VA

Grey metal shingles on elegant home in Stuart, Virginia

Restored grey tin shingles, porch and witch hat in southern Virginia
Grey metal shingle project in Stuart, Virginia

Shingles coated in medium grey Wearcoat from Andek Corporation to preserve the traditional appearance of the roof:

This gem in southern/western Virginia has it all:
1.  Embossed tin shingles in one of the traditional designs of that period.
2.  Standing seam crimped metal roofing over the large porch 
3.  Inside gutters, not the attached modern gutters
4.  A witch’s hat (not visible in the photo–I suspect witch mischief)

“Guys just left…I really like it! Can’t wait to bring out the dentil and scroll work now!”

The owners left some kind words about our work on the MyOldHouseOnLine Forum dated Jan 20th, 2014

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applied by Roof Menders, Inc, of Conshohocken, PA
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