Squirrels and gutters

Squirrels love old houses
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Subject: squirrels and gutters
From: “robert gunther” bokagun1@lumos.net

.. circa 1900 house with metal roof has roof beams that rest on the
attic floor joists (that extend over the exterior wall), thus leaving an
 opening for air circulation…  Does my roof need gutters?

Is there a way to prevent the squirrels entering, without compromising the look and integrity of the
metal roof?
To Robert Gunther

Around that period of time, wealthy homes had inside gutters.  Most homes had rocks or gravel around the base of the house to drain water that comes from the roof with no gutters. 
If you are installing modern gutters, this style is recommended so the straps do not penetrate the roof metal.

As for squirrels, they are tough; use strong metal mesh…or hire a big, ugly cat to live in the attic.

Good luck, Miriam
From Robert Gunther

OK, will go with the cat! 

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