Gold paint: in place of gold leaf sheets

Gold liquid paint applied by owner to lamp
Outdoor lamp trimmed in gold paint(Roofdx Gold coating)

A gold paint trim on the lamp. Actually, the gold liquid coating is an outdoor product designed to coat or restore damaged gold sheets to church domes and steeples. The product is manufactured by Andek Corp, and used by contractors, such as me, on roofing related projects.

This project is the handiwork of a husband performing a honey-do job. With a combination of patience, and several phone calls to me, he applied the gold paint and recommended clearcoat.

Since bronze-alloy flakes creates the gold-leaf look, the clearcoat prevents moisture from affecting and dulling the natural additive to the strong, outdoor coating.

Over time, my roofing customers would ask for a small quantity pail, so I created a website and blog for those interested in this unusual coating.  For clarity of the product’s use, the name used is “gold-leaf liquid paint”.

As a roofer, I admire the skill it takes to complete fine workmanship like this. Certainly I lack that skill; my crew chief does possess the ability. 

The artist sent me photos and a kind note: “…have had a number of compliments on the lamps thanks to your paint and clear coat. Thanks for all your help.”

product sold and phone support from Roof Menders, Inc, of Conshohocken, PA
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