Truly traditional kitchen

Traditional kitchen–discovered in the Cleveland Park Historic District

In our modern world, kitchens have taken on new roles in the life of a family.  Usually, one of the first renovations any new old house resident plans is a modification of the kitchen area.  Only once, in all the old houses I have visited, did an owner show me a kitchen preserved in the old style.

In this Cleveland Park historic district home in Washington DC area, the lady of the house decided to teach table manners to her three teenage sons.   The layout of her home supported this effort:  her formal dining room adjoined the kitchen, adding to a convenient handling of the dinner hour. Off the dining room is a cozy sun room for more informal breaks, such as a coffee break.

Traditional kitchen in a home located in Washington, DC, area
View of the Cleveland Park kitchen
Wall with peg board holding pots and pans
A clever handling of pots and pans
Wooden cabinets with dishware on opposing wall
Cabinets for dishware
Stove, and sink in kitchen area
Sink, counter and stove
Formal dining room area
Dining area immediately adjoining kitchen
Location of sun room, dining room and kitchen
Sun room and dining room; kitchen door to right

The home belongs to author John MacLean and his wife. Their standing seam panel roof leaked, which we took care of:

Plaque noting 1925 date for home construction
Plaque at the front door
applied by Roof Menders, Inc, of Conshohocken, PA
Over 150 tin roofing mini-articles
(In PA, R.Menders Inc )
(c) Copyright 2014

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