Acrylic Green Roofing in White Stone, VA

Acrylic Green Roofing in White Stone, VAThis green acrylic coated roof is approximately 10 years old.  The white surface on the green is a chalking action that usually starts about seven years after application. Some contractors would advise a homeowner … Continue reading

Blue traditional panels

Federal blue tinted panels This colorful Pennsylvania owner created a federal blue tint for his traditional panels.  Webpage to come with additional photos and his story.   applied by Roof Menders, Inc, of Conshohocken, PA610-941-1051Over 150 tin roofing mini-articles (In PA, … Continue reading

Porch roof color

My crew performed the hard work on the porch; owner finished it Porch colorThe “do-it-yourselfer” owner and I worked out a mutually agreeable arrangement here: 1.  We would clean, prime and apply the foundation for a long term fix of … Continue reading

Grey is grey, or is it?

Grey metal roof paint Same grey coating: different year In Mt. Holly, NJ, we applied a grey acrylic to this home in 2010 as a tin roofing repair.  Now one year later, we revisited for minor touchup work. As you … Continue reading