Old, rusting and leaking: just a beautiful roof My heart goes pitter-patter when I see a roof like this! applied by Roof Menders, Inc, of Conshohocken, PA610-941-1051Over 150 tin roofing mini-articles (In PA, R.Menders Inc )(c) Copyright 2014 … Continue reading

Grey is grey, or is it?

Grey metal roof paint Same grey coating: different year In Mt. Holly, NJ, we applied a grey acrylic to this home in 2010 as a tin roofing repair.  Now one year later, we revisited for minor touchup work. As you … Continue reading

What are they?

Witch hats and other roof ornamentation Snow angels Snow jaxSnow birdsSnow angelsIce angelsSnow guardsIce guards These metal roof addons are known by many names. If you are planning on purchasing them, the clip-on style is recommended since the style does … Continue reading

Witch’s Hat

Witch hat over porch with signature shingle design An example of a “Witch’s hat” with the original embossed tin shingles.  There are other names, but my crew insists that the title “Witch’s hat” is appropriate.  The restoration of the shingles … Continue reading

Tin roof contractor for restoration work

Tin roof contractor for restoration work Vintage metal roofing Historic properties with old metal roofing Using tin roof paint on old tin roof If you are seeking a tin roof contractor in the mid-Atlantic states,  such as Pennsylvania to the … Continue reading