Old tin roofing

Old tin roofing in Maryland

Old tin roofing work on Maryland historic home
Old tin roofing in Maryland: a National Register of Historic Sites home.  

A DIY project collaboration

Under old tin roofing In Frederick, MD, an expanding family has decided to seek a larger home for their growing family.  In preparation for placing the National Register for Historic Sites’ structure on the market, the DIY owner and I worked out an agreement:

My crew handled the upper roof; we only prepped the lower roofing, leaving several pails of traditional red topcoat behind.  This arrangement accomplish two results for the owner–a few bucks off the project price and a proper claim to performing the roofing work.  Since the lower roofs provided easy access plus a fairly easy surface to stand on, the arrangement worked well.

Mother nature always speaks

Nasty weather reigned during this period.  The trees in the area suffered, along with some roofs.   Fortunately, all the major branches fell outside of the home’s immediate area, but only barely. With the wife working at a local cultural resources consulting company, called R Christopher Goodwin Associates, we were pleased to be selected by her and her husband.
As of this writing, this home is up for sale.  There is a good chance this old tin roofing structure will charm a future owner(s). 
Frederick, MD, National Register home for sale
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