Kings Mountain”s Ormand House in North Carolina

Red shingle roof on the Kings Mountain National Register of Historic Site' Ormand House
Kings Mountain Ormand House, with its traditional red shingles.

Red shingle roof in Carolinas

The Ormand House in Kings Mountain, NC, project illustrates restoration details such as the following:

New metal shingles combined with old ones

Owners of old shingle roofs sometimes wonder if old shingles can be combined with new.  The answer is:  carefully.

The modern red metal shingles are a different size than the traditional ones.  As you can imagine, for isolated repairs, perhaps due to hail damage, this difference in size presents a challenge to an installer.

Also the Berridge shingles are manufactured with a different metal alloy compared to the stronger, thicker original roofing.

But still combinations can work.  This project represents one technique due to placement and finishing.

Check out the photos and further information on this link:
red shingle roof at Kings Mountain”s Ormand House in North Carolina

Further information on porch details, edging, reinforcement and, of course, tint are available on this project by Roof Menders crew.

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