Tin roof paint in rural Pennsylvania

Tin roof paint on Pennsylvania stone house

Tin roof paint changed ugly red roof
Tin roof paint in bronze over standing seam metal roof

A tin roof paint project starts with cleaning the panel surfaces. This allows the tin roof paint to adhere securely. Loose paint flakes are scraped away. The tin roof rust is now exposed and prepped for priming. The standing seam panels are ready for application of a tin roof paint application.

The next step is primer, usually grey or sometimes red. This primer grey primer is manufactured by Andek Corp, one of four formulas available.. Although this primer emits a smell, must be allowed to cure, leaves a slippery surface and other annoyances…..the long term performance has proven to be reliable. Reliable is this contex means the primer contains the rust, thereby allowing simple recoating at the ten year mark without redoing the entire process. For the owners, a true savings in maintaining the roof for 40 years.

Tin roof paint color importance

The roof paint is actually an acrylic that is formulated to move with the metal panels’ expansion whenever the outside temperature changes. As a result, roofing acrylic does not flak like paint. Outside paint, such as used on siding, is too brittle and thin, meaning the paint flakes within a few years.

Stone house with old red metal roof that needs tin roof paint
Red roof worn and unattractive

If you are seeking an acrylic to apply by yourself, check the product label carefully. The word “acrylic” is generic and only certain formulations of acrylic work on a metal roof. Most homeowners prefer to avoid aluminum roof coatings. Unlike white roof coatings, the aluminum formulas do not offer the energy-savings expected.

In the mid-Atlantic area, there are three reputable manufacturers of tin roof paints for vintage metal surfaces: Andek Corp, Preservation Products and Calbar. Andek Corp makes a variety of coatings, including copper and gold-leaf versions. Preservation Products has had a long association with This Old House. Calbar, not too well known to me personally, enjoys a solid reputation in the Virginia areas.

On this project, the owners had worked hard to improve the attractiveness and livability of their home. They wanted to keep the original roof, but the old reddish tint detracted from the home’s imposing image. Both husband and wife knew exactly the color they wanted–bronze. With their large property to frame their home, the restored tin roof with the metal roof paint…in bronze, only added character to their residence.

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