Lead coated copper finish for roofs without the lead

Lead coated copper paint without the lead two-part system before application
Lead coated copper finish without the lead, a respected traditional roofing system.

Lead coated copper finish but no lead

Lead coated copper finish:  A truly historic finish for roofing.   Now there is coating that mimics the admired, historical treatment to copper panels and shingles.  The name is Roofdx SL; the manufacturer is Andek Corporation in Moorestown, NJ

Approximately 100 years ago, copper panels were dipped in hot lead in order to achieve specific results that plain copper panels or shingles could not accomplish.

For example, plain copper roofing can stain certain siding materials.  Marble is one of the siding materials that falls victim to the effects of copper staining.

Once the copper panels are dipped into the hot lead, the panels are stronger, lighter and able to prevent the copper from affecting the marble.

White painted wood siding is also vulnerable to staining.

Another specific result of lead coated copper finish without the lead is the ability to create stamped designs.

Lead-free coated copper contractors

For those truly interested in a project with this finish, an experienced contractor is highly recommended.  My crew chief and I discovered several surprises that come with using this product.

 The usual roofing shoes do not work too well.  Plus the number of applications is determined by the surface.  In addition to the above, dew point considerations, timing after mixing part a and b, adhesion to water-based coatings–to name a few points in the use of this lead free lead coated copper finish.

Free cured sample

For those who want smell, touch and taste before proceeding, contact me for a free cured sample of the lead-free coated copper coating. 

Cured sample of lead coated copper paint without the lead
Cured Roofdx SL sample available

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