Tin metal roofing

Metal tin roofing: save or replace

Late 1800s standing seam panel roofing:  rust, leaks and flaking

The photo shows a rusting, flaking vintage tin metal roof.  If you look closely in the valley area, you will see a  repair area.  Valleys are one of the vulnerable areas.  Also in the photo, you see THE two most likely spots for a leak to develop:  chimney and protrusions.  The flaking is exposing the primer which is worn in areas.  This exposure has lead to rust.

The vast majority of roofers would strongly urge a homeowner to replace the roof.  After all, it is leaking, rusting and flaking.  They would continue…..a new asphalt shingle roof would eliminate all your problems.  (And, of course, the vast majority of the roofers are linked to asphalt shingles).  

 Three alternatives for your roof

The asphalt shingle roofers may be right?!?

 Usually there are three alternatives available: Each alternative has advantages as well as drawbacks.

1. Asphalt shingles – Among the advantages–numerous roofers to chose from, product will last several decades before a future replacement and, most importantly, the cheapest way in the short term (unless decking is involved). Disadvantages:  asphalt products are increasing in cost and cannot be maintained.   If the home is a rental, developers tend to prefer asphalt shingles.

2. New metal roofing panels. If you decide this route, you need to check out Follansbee’s Terne II panels–right width, right size crimping and other traditional details. Also a much bigger price tag.

3. Keep the existing panels. Cost is about the same as asphalt shingles. And the finishing materials are improving dramatically every five years or so.  If the vintage tin metal roof has performed for over 100 years with little attention required to preserve its performance, the roof will outlast you.

 Four reasons to keep your roof

See this webpage on four reasons home owners elect to preserve their old metal roof. If you find yourself nodding in agreement to the four reasons, then saving our historical past is a strong alternative.

We work with people that want to save their old metal roofs. Part of every visit usually includes a review of the alternatives, realizing there is no single answer for every unique situation.

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