Tin roofing in Maryland



Maryland, home of the dramatic climax to War of 1812The War of 1812 marked the earliest days of America's interest in using metal panel roofing. Throughout Maryland, vintage tin roofs continue to survive due to the loving attention by their owners who want to boast of their state's past contributions to our history.

For history buffs, like myself, 2014 is a special year for the people of Maryland. Two hundred years ago, the people of Baltimore and nearby communities successfully repelled a British attack. Perhaps their success in stopping the British advance prevented the return of areas of the US to the British Empire.

Of course, mentioning the National Anthem debut is required.

Standing seam panel roof projects

Bronze roof in Maryland Grey roof in Chesa<img src= Popular colors for standing seam metal roofs Chesapeake City by Roof Menders Chespeake City matching asphalt shingle roof and metal panel addition Kennedyville rural estate in Maryland Light grey metal roof with deep blue siding Catonsville grey standing seam tin roof

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