Brick siding with vibrant tin roofs



Bronze color roof wthbrick  siding by Roof MendersHow many of us devote several years to renovate the home where you grew up? Suzy did so. She did most of the work herself, both inside and out, in rural Maryland north of Baltimore.

The brick siding on this structure is particularly attractive. Suzy wanted to accent the brick siding with a special version of bronze. Her upper roof shape up beautifully with a thorough cleaning, primer and two coats of "Suzy's bronze."

The porch roof took extra work; we applied the fully reinforced system to this area.

Suzy asked us to coat certain gutters and downspouts. As seen in the photos below, the gutters and downspouts are muted. Around the porch, Suzy retured to the porch trim beige tint. These details are not too obvious when viewing the brick siding homestead. Yet this attention to detail creates an eye-catching home.

Details of brick siding project

Brick color and roof color--both bronze--are blending well Downspout also coated with bronze acrylic applied by Roof Menders Shutters, siding on recent addition and other trim elements coordinated Owner has received many compliments fron owners of passing cars

Brick siding and roof colors

Early in my career, a prospective customer commented, "I guess I have to have a red roof since I have brick siding."

Over the years, customers have startled me with their color selections. Green, bronze, blue and red are illustrated on this page. If I think hard enough, I will eventually remember where we have applied slate grey or light grey acrylic. Below are a few surprises.

A patriotic theme on a New Jersey home with its shiny bright red roof
A carriage house with Barn Red tinted roof
A brick siding Virginia home with a "rusty red" tinted panels
Fraternity house with Williamsburg blue coating
Western Virginia embossed tin shingle residence in black

Bright red on brick siding house Carriage house with traditional red Red roof and red bricks Willimsburg Blue by Roof Menders Virginia black roof on brick siding

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