Chesapeake City: cottage metal roof project



Chesapeake City cottage with grey panel coatingThe photos below illustrate the last day on this charming project. See if you can identify these key details:

1. The upper roof, where we used the preservation approach to the panels, the horizontal seams are quite visible.
2. On the back lower roof, the metal roof required a reinforced restoration technique since the panels were so damaged.
3.  The chimney, the main suspect in tin roof leaks,  was flashed.
4.  The roof lip was coated in the same light grey.
5.  The gutter straps avoid piercing the metal panels, which prevents excessive wear on the panel edges.

Setup for preserving traditional roof over cottage Roof Menders' crew chief Lester Mobley Roof Menders crew usually receives high marks for friendliness and work ethic Panels coated with traditional grey acrylic Roofin work by Roof Menders flashes chimney, encapsulating all previous repair work View of a traditional standing seam panel roof A vintage style of architecture for 100 year old homes Setup behind the cottage for work over addition

Third busiest canal in the world

Chesapeake City is a refuge for tradition-loving home owners. A local cafe, boat ride on the third busiest canal on the world, a port for American Cruise Lines are just a few of its casual atmosphere.

Because the American traditions dominate, the approval to start the project was conveyed to me in an unusal format--a fax from Egypt. The folksy couple that owned this retreat decided to proceed, perhaps while viewing the Suez Canal, another busy causeway. As of 2010, this carefully restored cottage is in the hands of a new owner.

Chesapeake City truly is a gem of a place to visit. Located on one of the key points of the world's third busiest canal, this town has successfully kept modern junk from contaminating the atmosphere of this scenic retreat. The crew had to travel a distance for their usual lunch at Wendy's.

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Straight seams suggests a roof easily preserved by Roof Menders The edging is unique to he older metal panel roofs, not done today except by one manufacturer Back addition that required extra work, called fully reinforced, is free of leaks Front view of metal roof in Chesapeake City Closeup of work done by Roof MendersRoof Menders metal roof project in Chesapeake City

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