Tin roofing in Pennsylvania



Pennsylvania and its tin roofingThe stone country home between Pottstown and Allentown is a beautiful renovation of changing the standing seam panels to a bronze tint. The owners were keenly aware that the traditional Barn Red color just did not compliment the appearance of the stone.

Near Hershey, down a dirt road and over a stream (or through it on a rainy day), a green roof over this homestead was renovated some years ago. Due to the trees and angle of sunlight, roof photos were almost impossible to take. The owner of this home started us on our strong interest in looking for a better version of green roof coating.

And those improvements in the green tint finally emerge in late 2007.

Standing seam panel roof projects

Bronze tinted old metal roof by Roof Menders Winter project by Roof Menders saving old metal roof Copper roof repaired by Roof Menders Old farmhouse roof coated by Roof Menders Mainline project renovated by new owners Roof Menders applied a green coating, changing roof from red to green Row house roof with leakage problems, resolved by Roof Menders In Hershey, a homestead renovated by engineer Germantown rsidence with fully reinforced system Art studio with a problem with organic tint request

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