Winter Metal Roof Restoration Project



On this project, the most important work was performed during the worse winter in many years.

Roof Menders' winter metal roof restoration project in Chestnut Hill, PAThe fully reinforced step included primer and a special formula for use in cold weather with snow and ice pending. Indeed, the crew commented that the worse day was the cleaning process with extremely cold weather.

With the hot summer days, the final tinted water-based top coatings, plus some details, were completed.

The most difficult day of the entire project, according to the crew, was the period of time they washed down the roof. Combining cold temperatures and water proved to be extremely uncomfortable.

The primer application required that the pails remain indoors until the actual coating of the gutter and roof panels. cold weather causes solvent-based formulas to thicken.

First step is the cleaning and priming Roof Menders starts winter metal roof restoration project Roof Menders foundation work on the gutter area is completed Winter project first steps by Roof Menders

Inside gutter work

The roof exhibited many entry points for water to enter the structure. This observation was confirmed during the priming period when the odor of the primer entered the home for a few hours before sinking to the basement area.

Lester and the crew observed most of the leaking entry points were located in the inside gutter area. As a general rule, inside gutters (or Yankee gutters, as they are known north of the Mason-Dixon Line) are a common suspect in locating leaks.

The foundation of the fully reinforced system is applied to the gutters as the photos below illustrate.

First step in gutter work is brushing down primer by a Roof Menders' crew member Roof Menders crew placing the mesh to contour the gutter profile Contouring mesh to all dimensions is extremely important Roof Menders completing the gutter work

Foundation work applied to roof panels

The crew extended the application of the foundation work to the roofing panels.

Roof Menders top coating the foundation to insure no leakage during winter months Appearance of winter metal roof restoration in gutter Roof Menders' foundation work finished for winter on winter metal roof restoration

Final coating step

About six months later,the top coatings of a water based coating could be easily applied.

The result is a long term reroof with a ten year warranty.

Roof Menders crew applying traditional red top coating with water-based acrylic Finishing project that divided the work into two major work periods Roof Menders' roof panel work completed

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