Copper roof restored with liquid reinforced coating



Copper roof restored with Roofdx copperWith the use of the Copper Liquid embedded in mesh, this owner avoided the expense of removing the existing patina green roof and installing a replacement copper roof.

 Here are the photos, illustrating each step in this process of restoring aging copper sheets that leaked.

The copper sheets that comprise the roof over the dining room and were the floor for a greenhouse just needed attention.

The foundation for the fully reinforced system is Rubberkote 1047, manufactured by Andek Corporation.

The crew embedded the mesh into the coating material. With the years of experience of this crew, they make this step look easy.

Once the foundation of the fully reinforced application is completed and allowed to cure, the next step is the first coat of copper liquid coating. Final coating completed the project.

Original appearance of copper roof Copper roof was leaking Roofdx copper pail used by Roof Menders Mesh used by Roof Menders to reinforce the repair work Crew of Roof Menders apply a base coating Roof Menders embeds mesh into base coating Member of Roof Menders brushes mesh into base coats With foundation to repair work completed, Roof Menders ready to apply Roofdx copper Stirring is required Roof Menders crew chief uses hand brush to apply detail portion of work Broad panel areas covered with first coat of Roofdx copper Copper roof is almost complete Second coat of Roofdx copper is applied to copper roof Roofdx copper is smoothed into repair work Roofdx copper view of repair work Closeup of panels performed by Roof Menders

written by Miriam Cunningham

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