Tin roof colors: 8 popular tints



Our metal roof customers have identified these eight colors below as the most popular choices. 

Traditional red that mutes the rust Restoration green is now available in vivid coatingsA grey version commonly associated with colonial timesDark grey, usually referred to as slate grey, reminding customers of the slate roofingBlack is popular in Virginia, perhaps because the color hides the rustBronze is often selected with brick and stone siding structuresAlthough not often seen, Wiliamsburg blue boasts an historic titlePatina has a niche, again with stone structures

Barn Red ranks first with most metal roof owners.

Green and gray tints follow as second and third favorites.

In Virginia, the stately black color appears everywhere.

Stone house residents favor the bronze tones.

Traditional blue and patina hold their own special niche with customers.

Color preferences can change over time

As an aside, I still remember the owner of a country homestead who selected Williamsburg Blue because of a childhood wish for a house with a blue roof.

When the fellows opened the pail of Williamsburg Blue, her eyes teared up. I thought she was being sentimental. Not at all.

She told me she realized she had to leave her childhood taste in colors to the past. Just to make certain of her adult decision, we applied the first coat in Williamsburg Blue. Happily for all, she chose a Colonial Grey for her top coat.

The lesson of this unexciting tale: roof color choice can change over time.

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