Carolinas: home of vintage tin roofing



Carolina early vintage tin roof by Roof MendersCarolina ranges from the seashore to the mountain areas. In many locales, such as small towns, tin roofing continues to protect the homes and structures of the late 1800s and early 1900s.

For whatever reason, we seem to perform more embossed tin shingle projects in this area. Our business of supplying service and products to preserve old metal roofs is quite active in both north and south state areas.

In the mountain area just below the state line in Lansing, two very different standing seam projects surfaced. Roof Menders crew worked on an vintage metal roof ten years before working on a modern mountain retreat with a fully reinforced system. The homes happen to be located on the same dirt road.

Standing seam panel roof projects

Home of corner residence near Raleigh Mountain home with grey roof Modern standing seam roof with fully reinforced system done by Roof Menders

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