Lead coated copper finish: an introduction


Background of lead coated copper finish

In the early 1900s, roofing manufacturers were seeking a less expensive metal that was compatible with the marble, white-painted wood and other masonry sidings.

Copper sheets provided the basic strength of the metal. Then workers at manufacturers dipped these sheets of copper into hot lead

The result of this combination of copper sheets and hot lead offered a stronger, a lighter, a less expensive and a less staining roofing material. In addition, the combo allowed finer decorative detail opportunities and more resistance to acidic seaside conditions. At the time, these advantages were good reasons for the popularity of the product.

But the role of "lead" in metal has changed dramatically in the last 100 years. Lead is now in disfavor. Yet a creative individuals may desire this traditional finish for certain projects.

Lead-FREE coated copper paint

Closeup of Lead free coated copper finishWhen a modern user seeks a finish similar to lead coated copper, this coating--lead-free coated copper paint--is available to apply over numerous surfaces. The manufacturer, Andek Corp, calls the product Roofdx SL.

Technically, the finish is a silicon-modified, aliphatic polyurethane blend that produces a barrier coating against weathering, corrosion and dirt retention.

Here are some reasons for interest in this gray spangled metal colored finish:

no lead, but has the appearance......
waterproof and durable......
ages without discoloration.....
resistant to staining......to name a few.

Roofing project with lead-free coated copper finish

As an established contractor of finishes and coatings for the vintage roofing niche, my crew chief and I agree a trial job answers many questions.

In the photos below, we learned practical tips about mixing, thickness, curing and shoes.

In this instance we applied a foundation over old asphalt shingles.

We then experimented with application techniques, timing and thickness requirements.

With this practice session, my experienced crew chief is ready to tackle a project where someone pays us.

Roofdx SL delivery pails Mixture prepared Foundation on asphalt shingle Applying first coat First coat of lead free coated copper

Final photo of roof in shadow of nearby tree.

For those looking for small quantity to experiment or a cured sample, click lead-free coated copper webpage.

For those seeking a contractor, contact us.

Written by owner Miriam Cunningham

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